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Two years ago things were bad. Real bad. I had to leave Ohio A.S.A.P. The fecal matter was about to collide with the oscillator with cataclysmic force. I left. I only took what would fit in my car. I left my life behind me. I stay in contact with a chosen few, but all those who contributed to my departure can pucker up and kiss me squarely where the sun doesn’t shine.

I moved from Brunswick, Ohio to Stevensville, MT. I drove 2036 miles in 38 hours. It doesn’t look bad if you do the math, but try it sometime. I haven’t looked back. I have no regrets about leaving.

I am so much happier here. I live in a beautiful valley. If I want to fish, I can. During hunting season, I hunt. I am taking a permanent vacation from corporate life. I garden and raise my chickens. Life is good.