Took my best girl out to the beach the other day. Everything was going great. We were finding cool rocks and checking out the driftwood. Watching the surf and enjoying the fresh sea air.

Lola and I waiting to be attackedThen all of a sudden this paradise on earth turned into a complete shit storm. Some dipshit decided it was a good idea to bring a pack of 5 dogs to the beach and not have them on leashes. Lola and I were sitting quietly on a large piece of driftwood when these beasties came running up and surrounded us. I wasn’t real thrilled and Lola was completely freaked the hell out. The dipshit was able to get most of the dogs away from us, but one decided that he needed to bite at my dog. This did not make me or Lola very happy. The dipshit said that I should kick at the dog. I was thinking of doing something a bit more permanent to the beastie. Luckily cooler heads prevailed and no dogs were sliced open and gutted on the beach. Lola didn’t get hurt, so no worries.

Two days later I discover a dog park near my place and decide that it might be fun to take Lola there. We show up and no one is there. except for some creepy guy standing next to his truck, as though waiting to snatch young children or something. Lola and I went into the dog park and I unleashed her. She ran around and had a ball. Eventually, another vehicle shows up with a friggin pack of 5 dogs. This was not our dipshit from the other day. This was new people who feel the need to have way too many dogs. This is Northwest Washington. It doesn’t get that cold here. Anyway, everything is going fine. I leash up Lola and stand to the side of the gate to allow the new folks and their pack to enter. The transfer takes place without incident. They are in the dog park and I’m not. Lola and I are heading for the car and out of no where one of the pack jumps the fence and tries to attack Lola. This dog did get kicked at. The people were great and did all they could to get their dog back under control, and they apologized. I don’t have a problem with them. Again, Lola did not get hurt.

Two times out and two times we were attacked by a pack of 5 dogs. I normally don’t care/judge/notice people and their pets and how many they have. However, when they bring out their packs of critters and thrust them upon society, one would hope that these people would keep their critters under some kind of control.

Lola's First Beach ExperienceI’ve decided that I will be taking my cane with me from now on. Doc says I should be using it anyway, so now I have an excuse to “use” it. The cane is the nice wood grandpa style cane. I’m sure that will knock the snot out of some wayward critters or owners.

I’ll keep you posted of our adventures. I’m sure we will be having all kinds of fun while trying to avoid being incarcerated for the abuse of critters and stupid owners.