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Greetings Kiddies.

Long time no see. Things have changed a bit, and stuffs just aren’t what they once were.

I now live in Washington state. What’s even better, I live on an island. Whidbey Island. 40’s in the winter and 70’s in the summer. Doesn’t get any better than that.

I still have to get my VA stuff and things figured out. Hopefully the transition goes smoothly. However, we all know that something will go terribly wrong and all of a sudden I’ll be non-existent in the system.

My mental state is fairly stable. Stress from the move and all. My dog, Lola, is now here with me.

I’ve discovered that, yes, I’m still having nightmares that result in me getting a bit vocal at night. I’m snoring now. And Walmart during mid-day still makes me run for the hills.

The plan is for me to post more often and actually do bloggy stuff on the blog. We shall see if I can keep to a schedule.

Talk to you soon,