Much like the Dog Park in Night Vale, this dog park will fill you with a sense of dread and trepidation. This is not the dog park you see in commercials on television. Nor is it the dog park you see in magazines. This is a dog park that feels like it fell straight out of a Tim Burton movie.

It is an interesting little place. A place that feels mostly familiar, but vaguely off-putting. At first glance you think to yourself, or say to your dog, this looks like a nice park. After you are there for a few minutes, you find the dead bird carcass by the fence. The rotten tennis balls hidden in the brambles.The further you walk into the dog park, the more likely you are to step on a doggy landmine. It appears that the owners/handlers get lazier the deeper in their dogs go. Maybe the dog park feeds upon their good intentions to clean up after their dogs, thereby preventing them from actually doing the clean up. Except for that asshat with the pet baby mammoth that shat near the park’s gate. He’s just a jerk and should be placed in stocks, and have giant piles of rained on dog poo flung at him repeatedly.

Dog Park GateThey have a dog poo bag dispenser right by the entrance. Free dog poo bags. No charge. All you have to do is grab one and pick up your dog poo. Apparently that requires more effort that some folks are willing put forth. People suck…in a very bad way.

Anyway, Lola and I went to the Dog Park at 7:30am this morning. It was rainy and coldish. 44F with a stiff SE 10 mph wind with an 80% humidity. It was a titty bit nipply out there. Lola and I stayed for about a half hour. Got cold. And left. No one else showed up and we had a nice time. Lola did not get attacked by anything. I will call this morning’s adventure a success.

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