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Things turned out okay. I crawled begrudgingly out of my funk and had a good time. We had BBQ beef ribs, baked potatoes, broccoli and the coolest B-Day cake EVER!


My new family has accepted me and welcomed me into the fold. This was probably one of the most meaningful birthdays I have ever had. I wrote a post about video gaming and PTSD. Even after explaining how gaming helped me and that I am alive today because of gaming, I never really got support from those I hold dear. My new family is a gaming family. They understand and accept that gaming can be part of a “normal” life. This means a great deal to me. We game together. We talk about games. We do and talk about other things too, but games are not taboo. My gaming no longer has to be that dirty little secret that we just don’t talk about. Kind of liberating, actually.

All in all a very good birthday.

Update on Lola’s vet visit.  Lola is healthy and got all her shots along with some new flea medicine. We also got her nails done. New vet, new area, new shot and stuff equals one hell of a vet bill. Was it worth it? Yes. I’m broke, but my dog is in good shape. That’s all that really matters.