Update ~ 6/4/18


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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  My life has taken some interesting turns.  I never would have guessed this is how it would end up.

I met the most wonderful lady.  She has her own grocery list of illnesses, disorders, and diagnoses, but they mesh with mine and we are happy together.  Our first kiss was Valentine’s Day 2016. The next day she went into surgery for her back.  This didn’t discourage either of us. We waited until she was mostly recovered before we would pursue a possible relationship. We waited.  We took our time.  We visited with each other and went on little dates. We got to know each other. We talked about everything before anything happened.  We were responsible and took this relationship seriously.  Apparently, this is how it is supposed to be done.

It worked. Here we are two years later and I am married to this lovely young lady.  5/10/18 we exchanged our vows. Strangely enough, the relationship just keeps getting stronger. I’m not used to this. It’s good.

12/13/16 I had a stroke. A full on CVA.  I walked away from it.  I was real freaking lucky.  I have a mild droop in my right side upper lip (the mustache hides it). I fatigue easier, and my internal thermostat was out of wack for about 6 months. I have mild weakness in my right side, and my drive to take on projects has severely diminished. Otherwise, I’m aces.

I’m still wrestling with the VA. The Choice Program has been a God-send. Just this morning I received the results from a recent MRI on my left knee. I have small tears in the meniscus, and a health dose of arthritis. Doc says the pain is not in my head, and we should wait on surgery because I “still have some tread on those tires.” I’m good with waiting. I just wanted someone to tell me that there was actually something wrong with my knee.


I’m on a CPAP now. How’s that for sexy? It really helps. I find that when I use it I’m in a better mood the next day. I use it most nights, but on occasion I try to sleep like a normal person. About three times a month I’ll be brave and try to sleep without it. Who knew you’d need all this hardware when we got older.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my head shrinker.  Apparently, when you are happy, and in a loving and nurturing relationship with another hermit, your need for counselling isn’t so  demanding.  We’ve both been through enough counselling, and group sessions, that we are pretty good about dealing with our issues without them turning into anything stupid. We discuss everything.  I’m far from “cured”, but I deal with my issues in a more responsible manner. God help me if anything were to happen to her.  I believe it would break me.

I think that is enough for now.  I’m alive, and happy.  I guess I’m doing okay.